Wednesday, May 23, 2007

And We're Live!

We've been busy since Friday as it was our go-live weekend. And yes folks, we are now live!

Spent Sunday overnight at the office helping to support the first run of our batches after the upgrade. I went home on Monday late afternoon and was sleeping like a log from early evening up to the next morning. Funny because in a quirk whim, I decided to take the MRT going home instead of taking a cab. I almost nod myself off inside the train and I had to conciously keep myself awake.

On Tuesday, it was as bad because of a lot of delays. I spent a lot of time appeasing a lot of downstream systems owners and hoping against hope that the start of the Tuesday night batch will not be delayed. Someone’s watching over me because we did start on time. Whew!

We're all waiting for the month-end to see how it all goes. So far everything's going well and good. Here's hoping things continue to stay peaceful.

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