Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Virginia Tragedy

I really need to be more in tune with the world. It was only during lunch break that I learned about the Virginia Tech shooting and only because I was teasing a colleague about the picture of a guy in her screen. Turned out it was the picture of the Korean guy who killed 33 people.

It seems like it's too often that we read about shootings in schools. What is happening to the kids these days? What kind of anger warrants killing other people? I would not even start to assume that I know how they feel because I don't think I have ever felt that much hatred.

It's just so sad and frightening the kind of world that the children have to face. Imagine being a parent and the terror of knowing that your child might be in one of those schools where someone just suddenly decides to arm up and start shooting people. It's just so horrible!

Now, everybody's talking about gun control but all the talks in the world cannot bring back the dead. It's just so weird that children would feel the need to bring firearms in school.

The world sympathizes with the family of the shooting victims. Let's just hope that it never happen again.

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cookie sj said...

Oo noh! He even dared compare himself to Papa Jesus! tsktsktsk. I wonder what might have happened to him that cause so much anger? Well kung anuman yun, it still won't justify his actions diba? I was thinking, no matter how angry I'd be, I would never think of even holding a gun! Pero baka mahilig lang sya sa morbid computer games. Haha!

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