Friday, April 27, 2007

On the verge of a heart attack

You know those moments when you know something’s going to happen and you wait with trepidation as the minutes and seconds go by until the moment arrive? I am currently in that position.

Sweaty and cold hands, heart beating faster by the minute. And you wonder what will happen next.

But I guess that’s where the problem lies. You have no choice but to wait. So to quote a famous phrase in the Philippines, Abangan ang susunod na kabanata (i.e. Wait for the next chapter).

4 whisper(s):

Ther said...

I just had to let it out earlier today so I posted this from the office. Hopefully it won't happen again. =)

cookie sj said...

hmm.... alam ba namin ni songbird 'to? :) Ano na balita??? been waiting all day Friday for 'that'! hehe

Apol said...

Glad to see your blogspot. Hehehe!

I feel the same thing when im waiting eagerly for some NEWS. :D


Ther said...

Hi Apol, thanks for visiting. =) Good thing I'm not yet prone to heart attack. he, he.

Ey Cookie. Is no news good news? The wait continues....