Monday, April 16, 2007

Not So Little Black Bag

Finally, after looking around a lot of places, after stopping myself several times from buying a 'so-so' bag, I found my not so little black bag. I am glad I stopped myself every time from settling with what's available. Just when I thought I would have to wait until I get back to Manila, I suddenly found the bag I am looking for.

It is made of patent leather in A4 size, meaning it can fit in folders or documents if I so wish to bring them while gallivanting around Singapore. There is a leather rope around ring eyelets that gives the bag additional shape. At the front, two small squares dotted with gold metal buttons keep it from being too bland. I bought the bag with an additional gold charm and it gives my bag additional appeal. The handle of the bag is a single solid arm big enough for slinging it around. I feel like a rich starlet although I don’t have a posse hanging around me or the oversize sunglasses to give me the extra ooommmmppppphhh.

So, it is yet another bag to add in my collection. And look how they look so nice together in this bag / clothes rack. Aren’t they lovely? I just so love my bags. =)


ays said...

hi miss ther! nice bag, it's so kikay. :) by the way, where can i get that bag/clothes rack? i want one for my growing collection/addiction(which i must stop, stop, stop). :)

Ther said...

thanks! unfortunately, that bag/clothes rack comes with the new house so not really sure where it was bought. i'll let you know if I somehow find it somewhere around singapore. =)

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