Friday, April 27, 2007


I tagged along with my lunchmates on Tuesday and we tried the new Chopstick restaurant in the underpass link of ORQ. The line was long but we stayed on the queue as we want to try out the resto and the food it offers. I had the regular chicken with rice. The food was okay. The chicken skin was crispy and the dish tastes okay but there was nothing sensational about it. It was just okay. During lunch we all agreed to have lunch together at Hooters the next day to celebrate Jefe's conversion. So there was much excitement over the free lunch. =)

The next day found us traveling out to Clarke Quay to Hooters where almost everyone except Daddy Jo (as he was on a strict diet) ordered their famous $10 chicken meal. We always thought it's a great deal as the meal includes soup, 10pcs chix, coffee or tea and ice cream. Not bad eh?

Everyone then started to calculate on when the next free meal is going to happen and who is going to provide the treat. Past birthdays were dragged out in the open and everyone was forced to schedule when they are going to give us free lunch. Here's the schedule:

  • Jen and Clar (and Daddy Jo?) on June
  • Ther on September
  • Wena and Cookie on October
  • Christmas at Jefe's -- with the idea that no one's Xmas vacation will be approved

Most of the planning was being done by Little Lulu who won't allow anyone to back out no matter what. So everyone grudgingly accepted the deal for fear of a backlash from the dragon lady.

Here is a pix from our Hooters lunch, with the pix cropped a bit to hide my big arms. =)

Ther, Cookie, Jefe Randy, Wena, Jen, Clar and Daddy Jo

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