Sunday, March 18, 2007

Restaurant Review : Lotus Grill

Our original choice was Jumbo Seafood at Clarke Quay as it has always delivered. Food is good and service is okay. But turned out that Saturday night is not a good time to come in without reservations. We figured that we can go over to the other restaurant at Boat Quay but we decided to try something else.

It looked so nice from the outside, those floating boats. So we ended up eating at Lotus Grill. Bad decision. As soon as we sat down, I figured it doesn't feel as nice as how it looks from afar. The lights are glaring but there doesn't seem to be any choice. And we figured out too late that floating boats mean swaying and dizziness. I managed to get use to it after a few minutes but my two sisters felt woozy the whole time.

We ordered baby squid, chicken wings, chili crab, fried rice and sambal kangkong. You can never go wrong with fresh coconut juice but that's not something you can credit to the restaurant. For the kids, we ordered one of their kiddie meals that turned out to be crap. It contains some kind of fried rice, two vegetable spring rolls, a cracker and two sticks of chicken barbeque. All of which were disregarded by my niece because they do not taste good.

Then they serve the chicken wings and the baby squid ahead of everything else. They were not good. It took some time before the fried rice, chili crab and sambal kangkong were served. The fried rice is nothing sensational, the chili crab does not taste good and the meat of the crab is stuck like silly and was very difficult to get to. My sister said it's probably over cooked. The only slightly good food that we ordered is the sambal kangkong. It was okay compared to the others. But I figured I can go to the food court at Queensway near Ikea and that sambal kangkong is definitely better.

The service sucks. The servers at Lotus Grill do not know how to serve the food properly and do not know how to follow up. I hated it there. I cannot wait to go away. My niece's meal has dessert and we were already paying for our meal when we remembered. We had to remind them of our orders! And the girl that was serving us started to give us this lousy face that shows irritation. Well, it's not like I'm rooting to stay at the restaurant!

And the bill! I had to pay almost $200 dollars for lousy food and lousy service. What the heck! We should have eaten at Mc Donald’s and it would have been better. Or at Hooters. The food court at Plaza Singapura serves better food than that.

Anyway, here is a summary of my rating for this restaurant.

Name: Lotus Grill
Address: 3D River Valley Road, 01-04 Clarke Quay

Food: 3/10
Service: 2/10
Ambiance: 3/10

This restaurant sucks! It's too pricey and not worth it. Aaaaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhhh!

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