Sunday, March 18, 2007

Reasons Why I Blog

I was tagged by blogo'migo so thought I'd respond.

Reasons Why I Blog

  • Because I like to write. It started with the mushy poems when I was young and then with the occasional essays. Blogging has unleashed the writer in me and there's no turning back.
  • It gives me a venue for my rants and frustrations
  • Blogging provides a chance to share photos and experiences with friends and family from other parts of the world
  • A good way to keep track of events in your life. Who knows? When you start forgetting things, you can always go back to your blogs to remind you of events that happened within the year or prior years.
  • It's emotional therapy. Helps one to keep grounded and focused. Sadness, happiness, success, frustrations, anger. It's easier to handle after letting it all out.

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