Sunday, March 18, 2007

My Angels

No. I am not talking about my nieces. I am talking about Wena and Cookie. Oh yes. These are my two angels. I just want to give the credit where credit is due. Our project release last February was highly successful because of the dedication from my two very own angels. And pretty ones at that. They are still my angels as they continue to provide support to the project we're working on. I have forgotten to write a post earlier and thought I should do it now or I might forget forever.

Thanks girls! You really are great and I'm very very happy that I have you in my team. Great work! Keep it up! =)


cookie said...

Waaah! ngayon ko lang nakita to! Aw... thanks Ther! Sweet naman! Hmm... nagpaparinig ka ba? Super OT na naman ba tayo this week? ehem ehem. ubo ubo.. sick leave ata kami sa friday. :p

Ther said...

Oi! Di ba sabi ko, bawal magkasakit! =P Lumalabas ang natural na pagkadiktador. he, he, he.

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