Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lunch Time!

Lunch is usually spent in front of my computer. I like bringing home-cooked food because I am usually picky and I always end up just buying anything so I can eat something. Not a good idea for me so I always pack my lunch.

Eating in front of my computer has turned into a habit. I would sometimes do personal chores, read online news but I almost always end up working while eating. I realized last Monday that it’s not a healthy habit and I should try to do something about it. So, I went and brought my lunch and ate at the break-out area near the pantry.

I was eating alone so it tended to catch people’s attention. What is it about being alone that people always think that you’re lonely? I like eating alone. It’s like my time for myself. I can be silly if I want, eat as fast or as slow as I want. Of course, a good conversation is always welcome but sometimes I just want to have time on my own. What can I say? I have always been like that.

So people would come up to me and ask why I’m eating alone. I don’t know why I have to but I ended up defending my decision to not eat in front of my computer. And here I thought I was able to fight for a bit of my time by eating my lunch away from my PC. I guess some people do not see it that way.

Anyhow, I guess the usual tendency for people who see me will be for them to wonder why I am eating alone. They wouldn’t know that my mind was currently thinking of things other than work and observing the traffic of people in the busy streets down below. Maybe I am weird because it is something I can enjoy. But right now, I am trying to fight for my time in the office by not allowing myself to be hooked in front of my PC especially during the times when I should be taking a break.

Maybe others will never understand that but I have my own reasons. I need some time for myself when I’m in the office. My lunch break has given me something to look forward to, even if it’s a meager 15 – 20 minutes only (he, he, I eat fast).

Is it better than eating in front of my computer? Maybe or maybe not. All I know is that I enjoy my ‘me’ time during lunch.

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