Monday, March 26, 2007

Let's Rant About It!

There are rants and then there are rants. I don’t understand why anyone would rant about his or her family in the blogosphere. I understand ranting about your boss, your work, your officemate, the taxi driver and everyone else in the universe. But I feel that ranting about your family is a no-no. Ever heard of the phrase 'don't air your dirty laundry in public'?

Okay. To each his own. We each have our own opinions. But ranting about your own family seems to be in poor taste.

I have a good relationship with my family and I like them. I’d admit that I have problems with some members but they’re family! I think it’s okay to rant about your family to your own siblings but ranting about it in public seems a bit crude.

Now, I am not trying to be righteous here. I am just stating an opinion. I was just so turned off by a blog post that I read earlier that I just have to write about it.

Maybe the writer has a reason for the familial rants but I guess I will never understand it. In a million years, I will never understand….


Anonymous said...

yah, totally agree! also not trying to be righteous here, but just publishing an opinion --

people 'airing dirty laundry' in public are hmm... just plain *toottoot* (insert a suitable adjective here).

Pick a reason: a) they're lonely and want the whole world in on their supposedly private life (read: ksp); b) they're hiding something about themselves so they rant about other people to divert everyone's attention; c) they're insecure; d) they just weren't brought up well; e) hm, ampon sila?; f) the list goes on...

zxzmuh said...

To Anonymous: hahaha! may galit ka rin noh?

Superhero Ther! u asked, but no, di ako si anonymous. pero i agree on all points, hehe. (uy, opinion lang ha, not picking a fight) :p

...and oo nga, ang sad ng mga ganun sa own family. If they're like that sa family, eh di pano pa kaya sa iba? :(

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