Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Desperately Seeking Susan

My name is not Susan. But I am desperately seeking...... for a new house. We are getting booted out of our current place by end of the month and I still have no place to move to. Ayoh. You can just imagine how frantic I am getting right now.

I thought I almost got one actually. A really nice place in the outskirt of Singapore. Very beautiful condo, nice and big swimming pool, good facilities and the unit is really quite good. But just imagine. The current tenant is breaking their lease and they're losing $3K because of it (2 months advance rental of $1.5K). The agents that I talked to said that I can get the place at a very low rent if I agree to pay one month's rent additional to reimburse the current tenants. I was irked by the idea but as I said, I was desperate, right? And I really loved the place. It is really quite enchanting although very far from my office. When I called the agent back the next day, I was told that it's not one month but one and a half month's rent that I need to pay. And it comes to almost $2.4K. What, do I look crazy that I will pay these tenants the $2.4K just to live in this far away place in Singapore? Hey, the unit and the facilities are good but I am not willing to shell out the $2.4K to get it. No way mah.

So, I am back to looking for a place and getting desperate....


I can spend a lot of money and get this problem out of my life. But I keep on thinking about the extra money I can save by trying to look for other units out there. So I'm still looking. And not finding anything.

I just hope I find one before the end of the month or I'd find my lovely a*s living out there in the streets. =)

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