Monday, February 19, 2007

Saliva Cure

And it was yet another adventure to travel from Cainta to Cavite. It is quite an escapade because we got to ride several types of transport vehicles today. First the tricycle, then the taxi, then the MRT, then the van, then the Jeepney then another tricycle. We did make it to our subdivision after more than two hours of traveling and an estimated two to three inches of free makeup from the dust.

While riding in the Jeepney, my sister Malou was complaining about her painful neck due to the use of a high pillow. We’re both used to orthopedic pillows and usually have a problem sleeping when we use high pillows. I was suggesting that the two of us get a massage to ease the pain. A nosy auntie sitting beside my sister suddenly blurted out that the way to cure her neck pain is not through a massage. She suggested to my sister that when she wakes up in the morning, she should get some of her saliva and put it on her neck and the pain will surely go away. Eeeew! Gross! When my sister and I smiled at the idea (we were trying very hard to keep ourselves from laughing out loud), the auntie adamantly swears to the idea. Uh huh. Yeah, sure.

Well, these are things you’ll never learn when you have a car. And no, I am not saying I prefer to commute (it is not a pleasant experience). All I’m saying is that there are certain aspects of life that you’ll never experience unless you’re where you are right now. I don’t think I would have known about this ‘saliva cure’ if we were traveling in a private vehicle. So in a way, you learn certain things you’ll only know if you commute.

I would still not recommend it but all I’m saying is that it does have its quirky little perks. Albeit a gross one at that.

So, anyone game in trying the auntie’s suggestion? Let me know what happened, will yah?

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