Thursday, February 22, 2007

Exotic Coffee

On our way back to Singapore, I managed to get a hold of an Inquirer newspaper and I saw an article about an exotic coffee being served at Bo's Cafe. I've never tried this coffee shop yet but I've seen it a few times before on my several trips back to Manila. Apparently, Bo's Cafe is now serving the exotic Civet coffee. Dubbed as the most expensive, exotic coffee in the world, this coffee is made out of the coffee beans picked up from the droppings of a civet. That definitely got my attention. Apparently, the civet eats the whole coffee cherry but only digests the pulp and the bean is then naturally fermented in its digestive system.

I felt dismayed to learn it a bit too late. Not at 30,000 feet off the ground where I have no chance to try it. Nope, the fact that it is from the droppings of an animal is not going to stop me from trying it. Not when the reviews I've seen is giving it several thumbs up. I just hope it's not all hype and no aroma because then I'd be sorely disappointed.

I tried to look for an online version of the article I saw today but it is not yet available. I found an article related to the Civet Coffee though in Inquirer. Read it here.

Well, just one more thing to look forward to on my next visit to Manila......

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