Sunday, January 28, 2007

Starbucks Experience

Out of habit, I find myself walking from LP to Singapura. There was a long stop at Paragon to visit Aussino (I didn’t buy anything, hooray!) and then at the adjacent store, Crumpler. I love Crumpler so I felt like a child visiting a candy store. I had a hard time stopping myself from buying anything but there are a few items in there that I have set my sights on. Suffice to say that I will probably end up buying a bag or two (or maybe three) from that shop in the next few months. Maybe it’ll be my gift to myself from my bonus. Or maybe that’s just an excuse. =)

The long walk left me craving for coffee and so the walk ended up at Starbucks. There I was queuing and waiting for my turn when suddenly two guys and a girl (all Filipinos) stood in front of the queue. One of the guys said that maybe it’s not the queue. The other then said that no, there is a second counter and so they all stayed there. I am not a nosy person but I thought that since I understood what they were discussing about, I should tell them that there is a queue. And I did. One of the guys arrogantly announced that no, there is a second counter and stood there ignoring all the people behind me in the queue. And so I made a sign of exasperation, one that I always use for dumb people. Probably the girl decided they should queue up and so the three of them moved to the back.

I was exasperated because they look like educated people who should know better. If they were trying to be cute, they were not. Are they so dumb to think that we would queue up and ignore the fact that there is a second counter? What the !?!?

The guys then went into a staring contest with my friend who was within earshot and heard our discussion. The arrogance of the youth can be sometimes irritating. They continued their staring contest with my friend and me up until we were outside having our coffee. My friend was also irritated and motioned the guys to sit beside us and try our patience further. They never did. Cowards!

I don’t know what is wrong these days with men. Most of the men I knew would smile and make a joke about it and move to the end of the queue without a fuss. But not these guys. Must be the upbringing. I can only wonder….


S@RZI said...

Maybe it's the upbringing, but mostly I think it's their youth that's getting in the way of more "civilized behavior". Wait till they mellow. But you might say that's a long wait. Well...

Ther said...

Hi s@arzi, thanks for the visit. Sometimes getting older doesn't really mean getting to be mellow. I know of some people who got worse when they grow older. he, he, he. But I just hope those guys learn a bit of manners for their own good. Cheerio! :)

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