Thursday, March 19, 2015

New Girl

I switch in and out between watching TV series and reading books.  And there are days when I just binge on watching TV series especially when I am on vacation.

After exhausting a number of my favourite TV series, I finally got to watching New Girl.  Some people find this series a bit overwhelming but I love it! I find it so ridiculous that in each episode, I am sure to laugh out loud.

Last night, I watched episode 18 of season 1 and I was laughing long and hard that I thought I was going to wake up my sleeping daughter. And I'm sure I'm getting a lot of funny stares from the passengers in the bus and earlier today during lunch because I would just suddenly laugh out loud.

I still have a long way to go before I finish it since this series is already at season 4.  I just hope it continues to be as ridiculous as it is now so that I have more reasons to laugh.  I need it these days.  :)

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Ther said...

Well. It turns out this series is not as good on seasons 2 and 3.....