Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Restoring Stickies Database in Mac

In the excitement of having a new laptop, I had my old one reset without thinking that I may need some files in there.  Yes, usually you can copy them over but not when it's the Stickies Database that we're talking about.

So here's the 3 different ways I discovered in restoring the Stickies database from my backup.

How to restore from timeline backup
So the first thing I did was to research how to restore the Stickies Database from a timeline backup.  I think it would work if I was restoring from my old laptop.  But since it has already been reset, I was unable to use this process.

Showing hidden files using disk utilities
Next up was looking for ways on how to unhide hidden files.  I know the Stickies Database is located in the Library folder and is hidden.  I just need to see it to be able to copy it.  This article provides instructions on how to unhide hidden files using disk utilities.  I thought it was too much hassle so I looked on further and found....

the winner: Showing hidden files using Funter

In searching for alternatives to the disk utilities steps, I found this cool little tool called Funter.  At this point in time, I've wasted so much effort already and when I found this tool, I wished this was the first thing I searched for.

Funter is so easy to use (if you read the instructions).  And a freeware too!

Long story short, i used this new tool to unhide hidden files, looked for my StickiesDatabase in my timeline backup and voila! My old StickiesDatabase is now in my new mac.


Images courtesy of the following websites: apple, web and examiner

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