Thursday, April 17, 2014

Keiara's Easter School Program 2014

The whole event is for two hours.  Unfortunately, the first 45 minutes was focused on announcements, songs and talks.

One minister provided a talk about a reading from the bible.  And a few seconds in, I see a number of people in the audience whip out their mobile phones and/or tablet and focused instead on their games, messages or social media sites.  I can't really blame them.  The speaker try his best but it was not an inspiring talk.  In fact, I almost turn to my own mobile but I forced myself to listen, to at least provide him my undivided attention out of respect.  It's hard as it is to be speaking in front of a huge audience, more so when you're not charismatic enough to keep the attention of everyone.

The presentation today from the children were not as good as the ones from last year.  Maybe it's because it's the first one for the year and both the teachers and the kids are still getting to know each other so a number of them seems bland.  But the kids always make it fun.

When it was my daughter's turn, regardless of how simple her presentation was, I was so proud.

Here is the presentation of my daughter's class.  Again, it is simple.  But for a mom, there's no one better, no better performer.  The video is not that sharp or good because while filming I was also watching.  Enjoy!

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