Saturday, March 15, 2014

Devout Indulgent Smug

The words for this week are:



She gave him an indulgent look, belying the hate swirling inside her heart.  Her face projects the picture of a devout wife but behind his back, she sows the seed of distrust.  Daughter against father.  Mother against son.  Theirs is not a regular family after all.

As her husband walks toward her, he wears a smug smile, possibly thinking that all is well.  He is unaware of the danger that lies in wait.  An ambush prepared for him at the corner.

Behind the scope of the gun, the husband's face fall in sight.  The trigger man measures the wind and readies himself for the kill.


A red bloom mars the white blouse of the wife.  While she thought the husband was too busy to be aware of her plans, more of a fool is she, as she realised he is the more cunning man.

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