Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Comfort Blanket

On our way to the Philippine embassy earlier today, a truck passed our taxi. On the truck was a man wearing reflectorized sunglasses who, on passing us by, suddenly smiled big and wide with utmost confidence in himself. Although my reaction was "duh", it did make me think. This guy obviously got the courage to think he is handsome(ma) or good looking because of his sunglasses. It gave him the confidence to believe the unbelievable. he he.

It brought me back to a recent conversation I had with my mother, my sister and my hubby. About kids having the habit of being attached to a specific object. It could be a favorite blanket, a pillow, a stuffed rabbit, etc. Although there is no physical reason for them to feel secure about having any of these items, children / people still feel safe when they've got their hands on their 'comfort blanket'.

Could it be the smell? Although not washing a blanket for 3 years will definitely give it a unique smell of its own, I don't think that's the reason behind it.

For one reason or another, people get the confidence they need when they have the right support. Remember how you feel when you are wearing the perfect clothes / dress? You feel assured and confident enough to know that you look good. Of course there is only a certain amount of goodness a good dress/clothes can bring. If you're ugly, there is nothing you can do about that except maybe have a series of plastic surgery. He he.

I don't remember being attached to any item when I was young. Although maybe I was just too busy reading that I never have time for other things.

These days, there are so many things a person can get attached to. But hopefully we build this connection because it makes us feel good about ourselves. Being attached to a material thing because it makes you look good in the eyes of other people is not the same thing.

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