Saturday, January 16, 2010

Evaded Disaster

Theme for this week:It took Edgar six months to muster the courage to ask out his dream girl. Their first date is almost over, and it couldn’t have gone better—until he discovers his wallet is missing. Write the scene.

"Are you in the mood for an adventure?" asks Edgar. He secretly crosses his fingers under the table as he waits for Vivienne's answer.

"Tonight has been fun so far. I'm game!"

He slowly exhales as he realized he has been holding his breath while waiting for her answer. She is looking at him expectantly, with a glint in her eyes and a bubbling excitement like a child awaiting to open her Christmas gifts. And in the middle of his dilemma, he can't help but feel the strong attraction that started the first time he saw her.

"Here's our plan. I will drop something in your soup and I want you to make a scene and tell them there's a cockroach in your food. I can do that but I know they'll suspect something as soon as they saw me. So you're it."

Vivienne smiled wider.

"Do I have to shout or jump up and down?"

Hmmmm. Vivienne seems to be so into this.

"Well, it's up to you. I need you to look indignant and make them think you'll report them to the sanitation authority."

"Okay. Let's do it."

As he looks at her across the table, he can't help but feel a bit of guilt for not telling her the truth. She looks so happy and excited that he don't think he can tell her the truth now for fear of seeing her disappontment.

He stood up, dropped a black item inside the soup and gave her the signal to proceed. One thing he can say is that when Vivienne puts her mind to it, she gives it her best. She was magnificent! The waiter and the restaurant manager almost cried as they try to appease her.

The restaurant owner also ended up apologizing to the two of them and told them the meal complimentary and even gave them free vouchers for another dinner for two on any day they choose.

This happened a few years back. He still can recall that day so clearly and can even remember the clothes they were wearing. That was the day he decided that he has found the right girl for him and vowed that he wll make her his wife.

Edgar and Vivienne did end up marrying each other and Edgar only learned a few days back that she knew all along that he didn't have his wallet. She actually picked his pocket at the start of their date and waited to see how he will handle the situation. When what she thought will be a disastrous evening turned out to be an adventure, she decided then that she has found the man that she will marry.

And the rest, as they say, is history.


Anonymous said...

Awww, what a simple yet lovely story! Really strong characters with great layers. They both really deserved each other. Wonder if it's a true story. Love it.


Dikha said...

Nice! Love the pace, love the sweetness, love the lightness. Great job!
Mine is here

b said...

I am thinking that the idea could catch on. Smile!


Vivi said...

I almost thought this was a story about me and my husband. Good thing my name is spelled Vivian. lol I liked the plan and I would have absolutely made them cry. This was great!

MiaMia said...

Wow.. this could be one of the deleted scene on french movie, Love Me If You Dare. As I was reading, I imagined Marion Cotillard played Vivienne :D. Love the lively story-telling.

terryhaferkamp said...

I am new at this but I am tagging you to play "ten things about me." Good luck and keep writing. PS. I am really curious about your age. "I'm crazy, I'm old and I'm a witch." Sounds like we have alot in common.

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