Sunday, August 9, 2009

Border's Sale at Expo

I endured the long travel from Yew Tee to expo to go to the Border's sale. It was advertising books from $3 onwards.

There were a few people but not so much that you're forced to walk in little steps due to the crowd. It was just enough for one to browse through the different books they are offering without feeling too crowded.

However, I was disappointed with the books they are selling. There was just nothing interesting. Well, there were a few books that I would have been interested in buying if I didn't have them yet. So I felt so frustrated that I travelled that long for almost nothing.

I did end up buying 2 books, both of which I could do without but I figured it's cheap so might as well take the opportunity.

The only good thing that came out of that visit is that they were offering 3 additional months for renewal of their membership. As my membership was just about to expire this August, it was a very good deal as I now have a new expiry of November 2010.

I did end up buying a lot not in the Border's sale but in the Metro sale a few rooms down. I realized belatedly that there was a Harvey Norman's sale as well but by that time my hands were already full and there's no more space for anything else.

I just wish though that there were more books for sale.

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