Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Shoes Hate Me

The other week, my pretty green shoes had me walking unevenly as I lost my left shoe's heels. It was one of my really chic and nice shoes but on the cheaper side. And one of my friends was laughing at me for buying cheap shoes and end up discarding it after one usage. I've stopped buying poor quality shoes but I thought this one was okay. The design and color was great and it was difficult for me to find something similar on the branded shoes here. Lesson learned: stop buying cheap shoes!

Today however is a different story. I was wearing my Bonia shoes. And it is definitely not on the cheap side. I always use the stairs beside the escalator in the underpass for walking up or down on my way to and from my office in ORQ. So today was no different from my usual routine. I was almost at the top of the flight of stairs. I was on a conference call for a status meeting when I suddenly realized that I'm falling! My shoe somehow got caught on my pants and made me lose my balance.

My left knee got the brunt of my fall but thankfully I managed to shield myself from any further harm. But as I tried to stand up again, I felt a tremendous pain. A lady tried to help me but I told her I'm okay. No matter how many people saw me fall, it did not even register because my mind was on the pain I was feeling on my knee.

My left knee was totally bruised and black and it was painful to bend my knee. The doctor gave me two days of MC but of course I was still working at home because I am going on vacation next week.

So you see why I think my shoes hate me? They must be cursed or something. Maybe they were enchanted by an ugly witch who hates me.

Anyhow, I don't think I'll be using the stairs anytime soon.

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