Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Luck has nothing to do with it

Last Sunday, I experienced a most unlucky day. And you know the saying that things come in threes? My bout of unlucky events was like that.

First, there was the slide. I woke up early to see my parents off who were on their way to Bulacan. I can't get back to sleep anymore so I decided to clean the house. Things were going okay but while I was walking to get a new pail of water, I slipped and hit my left arm. A big black bruise appeared a few minutes after.

Then there was the door incident. I was at my bf's house visiting and on my way out to get something from the car, the house door suddenly closed and hit me. Ouch! A big gash appeared on my left ankle and there was a lot of blood. What the heck!?!

Lastly, I was placing a hose into one of the faucets in one of my bathrooms when water suddenly started spurting and drenched me all over. I broke the faucet! I had to close the water supply to the whole house and wait until the morning before it was fixed. And I had to endure the jokes about how I stepped on the faucet causing it to break. Aiyoh.

Thankfully, my bout of accidents stopped after that. I continue to cross my fingers and hope that it stays that way.

Happy Christmas everyone!

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