Monday, November 24, 2008


As I was waiting at the bus stop this afternoon, I saw an old lady hunched over tagging along her cart. Her body was permanently bent and I was sorry for her. That pity doubled when I saw her rifling through the trash can looking for cans and newspapers. Doesn't she have any family who can take care of her? And it was not exactly a great time to be out because the sun was out in its full glory so it was really scorching.

Anyhow, I realized that even as I feel bad for her, it is not even proper to ask if she's okay or if she needs help. All people have pride and although her work is difficult and doesn't really earn her much, it is an honest work.

I just wish I don't see a lot of the elderly here in Singapore doing work like that. It sometimes break your heart.

My sister Mary volunteers every now and then at an elderly housing facility here in Singapore. They give them baths, feed them but most importantly, talk to them. Oh the stories some of them has to tell. I think the most difficult thing for them besides not having their family is not having someone to talk to, someone who asks for their opinion and their thoughts.

A lot of us will come to the point when we will be the elderly people (some nearer there than others, ahem, ahem). I just hope that I still have someone to talk to at that time. Even better if I still have something to say.

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