Sunday, November 30, 2008

Financial Crunch

Everyday I read or hear about the financial crisis. About how Citibank or DBS have cut jobs here in Singapore. I also read about NOL cutting a few hundred jobs. A lot of Filipinos are losing their jobs and have no option but to go home to Manila. I even heard about some of them not receiving their last pay because it'll be used to pay the Singapore taxes.

Nowadays, I tend to be more cautious about the things I buy. Things that I'd usually buy in a blink of an eye is now usually pushed back on and I'd only buy the things that I think I really need. I was thinking of not buying Christmas gifts but in the end, I still bought a few for the children. It might not be as expensive as the others that I would usually buy but I think it is the thought that counts and children should not be deprived of the happiness of the Christmas season.

I usually buy books from Borders every time I receive a discount coupon. Thus, I fill my bookcase faster than I can read them. But now, unless I really really want to read the book, I stop myself from buying. Imagine that.

Next year is going to be a tough year. And a lot more people will be impacted.

Now, people are not expecting salary increases or bonuses anymore. People are now just looking to keeping their job.

I wonder if this financial crisis will end soon. I just hope a lot of us go through it unscathed.

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