Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Good and the Bad at the PNE show

The show was supposed to start at 8:30pm. We came in around 7pm and The Arena was already packed. We managed to get a place at the side of the stage but even that is still a bit far away.

There were a few dampeners to the great performance. And it is not the band that was the cause of it.

First. Imagine a big hulk of a fat guy who was part of the security of the place. He pushed people out of his way without any excuse. What an a*shole.

Next. Another security detail was covering our view and no matter how many times we request him to move a bit, he doesn't care. In the end, my brother-in-law had to shout loudly but he was still ignored. I then also shouted at the guy and he only budged when the other security detail requested him to move aside. Again, another example of an a*shole.

Next. We were asked to get out of a raised platform. So we obliged. Then this crazy fugly girl suddenly stamped up and covered our view with her fugly a*s. I tried to request her to move but to no avail. So in the end, I had to go up the raised platform again to get a view.

Next. Remember the crazy fugly girl? Well, she then started to dance like she was in a cheap cabaret place. And all the while she was thinking she's cool. I can see it in her face. I wanted to tell her, "Miss, can you move your fugly face and go hide in a hole." But of course I didn't. He he. When Chito suddenly started singing my favorite song Silvertoes, I was one of the people singing loudly, especially for the crazy fugly girl in front of me. In the end, the crazy fugly girl got so drunk that she made a scene and made a mess. Yeah sure. You're so cool. NOT! Again, hide in the small dark hole where you came from.

With all of these bad experiences aside, I loved the performance a lot. I've been a fan of the band right from the start. It was an intense and enjoyable 1+ hour performance. It was not enough but I guess since they performed continuously without a break, it was a bit too much.

All in all, bad experiences aside, I was glad I went out to watch PNE. Definitely a fun night, crazy fugly girl aside.

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