Friday, October 3, 2008


Theme for this week:Write about 8.

I am now on to my eight. Eight is a good number. I think I'll do something special this time to celebrate this number. Maybe I'll keep my toy longer instead of discarding it after a day or two. Maybe I'll keep it for a week or a month or for as long as I want. Yes. My eight one would be special and something I'll remember for a long time.

There. That one is perfect. The little girl in a pretty white dress with a red ribbon on her hair.

It was so easy to get her to come with me. You'd be surprised by what a bunch of balloons and candies can do to a child's reserve. Of course it was helpful that I was wearing a police officer's clothes. That does make it easier for them to trust me.

Mommy, mommy! She keeps on shouting that word. Doesn't she know that her mommy cannot help her now? Mommy, mommy! She looked so unhappy when I told her I am her mommy now. I think I need to make her understand better.

Sleep little girl and stop shouting! I am getting annoyed with your continuous crying. Here, take this pillow and put it on top of your face. Yes, that's it. Keep quiet. See, it wasn't so hard. Sleep now little girl. Mommy is just beside you.

Hmmmmm. It is another day. My eight was a good one but it didn't last as long as I wanted. Maybe for my ninth I'll get myself a little boy this time. Maybe he would be more open to having me as his mommy. Maybe he won't cry as hard as the other one.

There. That boy in brown shorts and green shirt. Perfect. He is just perfect.

I know my writing is a bit 'dark'. Maybe it has something to do with my watching Supernatural. Ha ha.

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~willow~ said...

oh my, dark is right!

I enjoyed it, though :)

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