Friday, August 15, 2008

Hot Hot Hot!

With the constant pain I get on my right back, I was looking at all the options I can do to relieve me of the pain. My twin sister and her friends have been going to hot yoga classes for some time now. My sister suggested I try that to see if all the spine stretching will help.

We take the 90-minute hot yoga twice a week. I've been to two classes this week.

I know it's supposed to be hot yoga but every now and then there's still a sudden blurt of 'It's hot!' from someone in the class. And although I already expected it to be hot, there are times when the heat is so suffocating that it's a wonder I don't collapse or faint.

I like the class because it is small. On my first day, there was only about a dozen students although the 2nd class was almost full. The place is small but it was okay. I prefer the limited students to the throng of people in big places like California fitness.

I think it helps that my sister is there for support. But when you start the class, you don't think about your neighbors but only about your position. So you don't care about how well others are doing or how bad your poses are and just focus on continuing on. The teachers do give individual focus and would correct you when you're doing something incorrectly with an explanation on the impact. I would not have gotten that in California Fitness.

Someone commented if I was trying to lose weight due to the yoga. But I am not unhappy with my shape. I'm not fanatic anymore about being thin. Been there, done that. I'm comfortable now in my body. The main reason why I am doing yoga is really to get rid of the pain on my back. I've had it as company for so long that sometimes I don't know when it is not there.

Hopefully the constant stretching will help to relieve me of the pain. I'll give it a few more sessions and if nothing is happening, then I might try acupuncture next. It worked before for my neck pain, it might work for my back pain now. The chiropractor is my last resort because it is very expensive. Hopefully by the time I've completed my classes, there is no more need to visit one.

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Self Defense Rob said...

I have had back problems for the past forever years,and just recently discovered a good exercise and stretching routine that dramatically helped with my back pain.

It is a Matt Furey stretching program and even though I am not able to do all the exercises (he is extremely flexible and makes it all look soooo easy) the ones I am able to do at least halfway are excellent.

The key stretching exercise is a backbend gymnastic/wrestling bridge, which I can not fully do yet, but the distance I can go is very effective. The 'training mode' exercise is a modified backwards wall walking that I can not say enough good things about. I haven't been this pain free in a long long time.

Keep up the stretching and yoga. Once you find what works, don't stop.

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