Saturday, July 19, 2008

Shimmering Crab

The rain threatened to cancel our planned team building dinner. And everybody's thoughts were 'Not Again!'. We seem to invite the rain whenever we plan something. After a few deliberation whether to continue or move the venue, we decided to proceed. The lure of the shimmering crab was way too much to resist.

So we all found our way to Ang Mo Kio to one of the HDB food courts where two of my team members swear to the taste of the butter crab.

The first to come was the baby kailan. It tastes good but it was not what we were all waiting for. Then the pepper crab came and everybody dig in. The fried bun was reserved until the butter crab arrived. I have never been a fan of the fried bun being dipped into the crab sauce. I tried it tonight and was not disappointed. I think I ate almost 4 or 5 of the bun (they were small!) dipped with the butter crab sauce. Yummy.

The fare also included spare ribs, cereal prawn and fish. The cereal prawn was deliciously cooked and we almost burned our hands as we tried to eat it as soon as it was served. Ouch.

The food was great and the company better. Too bad a few of our team members were out of the country while others failed to wake up in time to join us.

Next stop on August/September: Samba Brazilian Steakhouse for a Churrascaria fun.

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lala said...

I love your description...and your blog is beautiful!


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