Thursday, May 22, 2008

David Cook - American Idol 2008

I was disheartened by the comments from the judges. I loved David Cook and I am a certified fan but I felt that maybe David Archuleta will win because the voters will be swayed by the judges.

So after lunch, when one of my colleagues advised that David Cook won, I was ecstatic. And I of course promised him great retribution if what he told me was a lie. Lucky him, it wasn't.

Archuleta has the voice, there is no doubt about it. But he does not have the appeal or the versatility that Cook shows. I'm really impressed with his talent for arranging a song and making it into something new, something his own. Case in point was "Always Be My Baby" from Mariah Carey that really rocked. It sounded so modern, so now. And last night, he sang Collective Soul's "The World I know". Now, I know this song very well but at the start of his performance, I was thinking "I know this song" but can't pinpoint it because it sounded so different. But it was good and so I admired him more. The judges might think he was not up for the fight but I really loved his performance because it showed more personality than the seemingly too rigid performance from Archuleta. He seems so stiff.

Can you imagine how much David Cook has changed?

From this

image from

To this

image from

I'm looking forward to his album. I just might find myself buying my first American Idol cd. =)

Oh My Golly! I just watched Cook's version of Billie Jean and got blown away! I have somehow missed this performance and was wondering what Simon was talking about when he said Cook should have sang that song during the finals. And It was really amazing! I really got to get me his album when it goes out.


tkwi said...

Cook was in a band "Axium". They have a myspace profile and youtube videos.

Cook shows he is an experienced performer. I can't wait to hear his album either. He was my favorite from the get go. I also loved Carly.

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