Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Oh my. It seems the Philippines is again in the news due to the the stupid work of a few doctors and nurses in Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC) in Cebu. Apparently, a patient went to the hospital to get a foreign object removed from his rectum. The patient was unaware that the whole operation was being filmed. The video was put up in youtube and caused an uproar. You can hear the nurses and doctors in the background, mocking the patient and laughing. There were a lot more people in the operating room than those already named in the news. A part of the crowd was just there jeering and using their film cameras to record the whole event. They thought they were all brilliant.

The operation itself is unusual but who gave these doctors and nurses the right to abuse the trust that was given to them by their patient? They are being paid to assist him and yet they ended up being the one to cause him personal pain and humiliation.

I was clueless of this event until a few days back when the topic came up during a lunch discussion. I was horrified when I heard of it. How can anyone be so dumb to do something like that? It is career suicide.

My sister is a nurse and it pains me that her profession is marred by the work of a few thoughtless individuals.

I hope the involved doctors and nurses in VSMMC get their just reward.

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bambit said...

the incident has raised quite a furor here at home, with people taking sides left and right (including myself). bottom line is there is no excuse for doctors to behave as such, and even worse that someone had uploaded the video for the world to see.

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