Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Stranger to the Trash Can

There something inherently wrong with a few people here. Imagine a trash can about 5 steps away and yet you'd see a floor full of litter and paper flyers all over the place. How difficult is it to take that extra 5 steps to throw the paper into the trash can! What's worse is that the admin of the building decided to put this litter box just beside the mail boxes, just at the bottom. But did the people put the trash there? No! They still insist on throwing the paper anywhere they want.

In the morning, if you happen to get a hold of a newpaper, you'll always know that there is an ad insert because of the numerous flyers all over the MRT walkway. I mean, can't these people hold the paper and throw it when they next see a trash can?

It's just so frustrating that people do not know a simple thing like throwing in the trash can. I'm wondering if they are carelessly throwing the paper away because there is always someone to clean it up. It just seem so rude though to be throwing papers anywere you want just because you think someone else is there to clean up after you. What a lazy attitude.

I do hope those who allow papers to litter the different places here in Singapore get a chance to be acquainted with a trash can. Much better if it's through their head inside one. Maybe they'd remember to throw trash correctly next time.


LittleSis said...

Oh, I didn't know some Singaporeans actually litter paper. All along I have thought that walang nagkakalat dyan kasi pati nga bubble gum bawal itapon sa kung saan. Now I know :)

Malou said...

Hay sister.. Even here in our place is like that. Because they know someone is cleaning up, they just throw it down and like there in your place, there's a trash can near the mail boxes. NO DISCIPLINE. I thought it's only in the Philippines that such things happen, but no! So irritating.... I don't know why they have this mentality that because someone is cleaning up, it's ok to throw trash anywhere you like. Maybe in the mountains, but this is the city. People are supposed to be CIVILIZED. Right?

University of Makati Chorale said...

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