Friday, December 21, 2007

Shouting Match

My sister Malou and I were walking from Lucky Plaza through the MRT underground to get to Takashimaya. We were busy talking about things when we suddenly heard a rude shout from behind, "EXCUSE ME!". We got pissed right away. There were a lot of people in front of us and there were a lot of space on our right side but there was this GRRRRL who haughtily shouted at us to get ahead.

So I shouted back and told her that we were walking but there's a lot of people in front of us. The girl had the gall to tell us that we were walking way too slow. So of course that pissed Malou off more. She told the girl that she doesn't exactly own the street for her to shout at us to get excused. Surely she could have done that without having the need to shout. And the girl then said we're the ones shouting. How dumb is she? She started it, does she think that if you shout, people will not shout back?

We were both fuming madly on the way up so we were talking about her animatedly and of course in the end had to call her a B*TCH. The girl heard us and said "why don't you just shut up b*tches.". That got the two of us more angry so we hurled more profanities her way. And in the end, the parting word she said was, "Shut up ugly b*tches.", while walking away from us and exiting from the other door. We of course wouldn't back down so we shouted more profanities her way including telling her that she's the fugly one. I think she somehow realized it is not an argument that we'll back down from so she made her way to wherever she was rushing through.

I'm sure I won't remember her face if I see her again. I just know she's local with a lot of lines on her eyes (probably from always fighting around) and was wearing a bare-mid top. I was telling Malou to forget about her because she probably can only get attention by being like that. Annoying and dumb.

What really irritated me is the shouting. She could have excused herself without the rude shouting. There was another lady who excused herself while we were walking and I told Malou, "see the difference?". Anyhow, it was an experience that got our heart thumping and our temperatures rising.

I just hope Santa won't take it against me and retain my name on the 'NICE' list.

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