Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Year Ender

It felt like 2007 just breezed through my life. But a lot of good things happened for me this year. So as the year end, I'd like to recall my blessings and other happenings:

  1. At the start of the year, I moved to blogger and stayed! I love it here.
  2. My keys were handed over to me and I moved in to my new house in Cavite
  3. I ran the JP Morgan Chase last May
  4. After 3 years, I bought a new MAC
  5. I moved back to my old team and took on the Production Support Manager role
  6. Two of my poems were included in a book compilation called: Makabagong Pluma
  7. I started creative writing through the different prompts I discovered. Sometimes I surprise even myself. =)
  8. My comment was feaured in Cleo Singapore Oct 2007. Okay, not really a biggie but still!
  9. Habitat for Humanity. I made a small ripple.
  10. I got to be PRINCE2 certified

Check out my 2006 year ender entry. Funny because I have an entry there about moving out of prod support to dev. This year, I have an entry about moving from dev back to support. I guess anywhere I am, I can fit in. =)

I looked back on my Big List for 2007 to find out which ones I managed to do and not do.

On my Do's list, I got 6 out of 13. Although the swimming part is not really applicable so if you take it out, i got half of what I want to do. On my Don'ts list, I got 3 out of 11 only. My bad! Anyhow. I will strive harder to change some of my bad habits.

Promise! =)

Happy New Year everyone and may the coming year bring all of you good blessings and good cheer!

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