Monday, November 5, 2007

New Phone

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I've been moaning about having to print my calendar appointments daily because of my meetings early in the morning and late in the evening. And sometimes, the details would be changed and it's difficult to reflect those details in the printed copy. So my eye has been roaming around for a good phone that I can use in the office. I've been using Nokia and Sony Ericsson and was planning on originally buying an Iphone. But the OS of all those phones are not supported by MS Active Synch, a tool we can use at the office to synch up accounts.

So I looked and looked and I finally found the one! Samsung i600.

I have just had it for a day and I already love it. I am able to get my personal mails (gmail, yahoo) on my mobile. I can synch up my email and calendar and contacts at the office. The qwerty keyboard needs getting used to but it isn't that difficult. It is a very light phone and the design is quite nice. It is not too big that it becomes a hassle holding it in your hands.

The package I got from Singtel comes with a free 2MB micro SD card and a bluetooth headset. The headset is nice and small but effective and it will definitely come in handy for my meetings.

Am I still complaining? Nope. I just hope the phone is durable enough to last a long time. =)


cookie said...

tsk tsk tsk... oh my, oh my! The "BIG SPENDAH" strikes back! Shower some of those mulah our way naman o! :p ...huuu, if i know, di mo na naman alam pano gamitin ibang functions nyan! hehe jk.

Ther said...

he he. it is a practical buy noh!

it is definitely a good phone to have. at least ngayon, feeling manager na ko kasi may records na ako ng mga calendar meetings ko. ha ha. if only may touch screen feature ito, puwede ko nang magaya si bibo.

*whips out her phone in a meeting room and started scrolling through the calendars*

idol! =)

cookie sj said...

HAHA! sige sige, talbugan mo si tipus!

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