Friday, September 7, 2007

Mind Games

They say that doing crosswords puzzle, or any kind of puzzle for that matter, stimulates your mind. It allows your mind to stay alert, keep away from the possibility of Alzheimers. Not that I think I might get Alzheimers, it seems a bit too far-fetched since no one in my family has ever had one.

My recent writings were guided by writing prompts and I liked it because it allows me to practice. It also allows me to do something different and wake part of my mind that might be sleeping.

I guess learning a new language could do the same. Although I always wanted to look into that again, I never had the time. Or I never make time.

I like being able to create. The stimulation of my mind is an added bonus. And if it helps to prevent the possibility of Alzheimers, no matter how unlikely, it is enough to make me think it's a good thing.

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