Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I finally made it to the Botanical Garden of Singapore. Ha ha. I wasn't able to go through the whole of it but I can visit it again when I have another vacation. It seems a good place to bring your book and just read. Or bring friends over and enjoy a quiet time together. Or maybe I'm just being geeky and feel that it's a good place for reading. He he.

Here are my photos from the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

I then walked from LP to the National Museum of Singapore. Why I did that, I don't know. I just realized that I am walking way too far when the sun started to come out again and the sweat is pouring down my face. What the!?!? But I was already halfway and I figured might as well continue walking. I whip out my umbrella and continued on. Thank goodness for the aircon at the entrace of NMS as it helped to bring my temperature back to cool.

There's probably a lot of pictures taken from NMS but I still like my selections. =) The place has a dramatic effect to it due to the almost pristine white interior. I had fun taking pictures although I wish I had something more powerful. Ah well. You make do with what you have.

Here are my few photos from the NMS.

I'll be going back to work tomorrow. *groan*

I wish I have more vacations. =)


Visions and Voices Studios said...

Both of your blogs are very interesting. I love your photos. Thank you for your support on my blog, visions and voices, concerning my question of anonymous comments. I appreciate it. Can I put a link to your blog on mine? Thank you.

Ther said...

hi marcella. it's okay for you to link my blog on yours. Thanks!

ays said...

hi miss ther..medyo malayo ang nilakad mo, haha..but the nms is really grand and pretty, its one of my favorite places in singapore. did you get to see the giant chilli at the back?
i havent been to the botanic gardens, but it looks like a good place to hide from city life once in a while..i gotta practice my picture taking there..hehe

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