Thursday, August 23, 2007


The words for this week are:


“Dominick. Wake up.”

“Please let me in.”

He woke up slowly, the voice in his head prompting him to look around to find the source of it.

He walked through the corridor leading to his bedroom sure that the beautiful voice he heard is coming from that direction. A woman is standing outside his bedroom window, her silhouette framed by the light in the streets. He does not know her but he feels a connection especially when he saw her eyes. She has strong, magnetic eyes that can eat you whole. She is not much of a beauty but there is something about her that calls to him, inciting thoughts of a multitude of sins.

He walked closer, wanting and needing the proximity.


“Please let me in.”

His hands went to the window, ready to open them to let her in.

“Come, please go in. It must be cold outside.”

And his hands eagerly opened the window, a certain excitement filling him.

A triumphant look passed over her face sure of the victory she has at hand.

She swayed over to where he is, her subtle French perfume filling his nostrils as she draws closer.

And then they shared a kiss, potent, addictive and he can’t seem to get enough.

She tilts his neck suddenly and he waited for the brush of her breath. The movement caused his shirt to open wider, showing the silver cross that he wears all his life.

“No!”, she shrieked. Her beauty diminished by the panic caused by his necklace.

And then he realized what his clouded mind refused to admit. He has let a vampyre in his room!

“Get out! I revoke the invitation that I have given you.”

“No! I need you Domnick!”

“Get out!”

She left in a rush. With her invite revoked, she felt the burn of warning for lingering in a place where she is not wanted.

Dominick was shaken. He cannot believe that he almost succumbed to the lure of her beautiful eyes. And as his senses start to settle, the strong hold of her eyes comes up in his mind. Even when she’s gone, her memory lingers and haunts.

He wonder if he’ll be able to resist her if he sees her again. A kind of fear filled him with the thought. But there is also a wanting, longing inside him that wishes to drown in her beautiful eyes once more.


pia said...

I have always wondered whether I would be able to resist a vampire--male

Nicely done

Fledgling Poet said...

What a wonderful read...I've always been fascinated by the lore of vampires.

paisley said...

ooohhhh ... i like... you are good at this kind of thing,,, i am not i tried a few horror-ish things,... but it is just not my forte i guess...

gautami said...

Lure of the danger. Like a moth to a flame.

Rose Dewy Knickers said...

We want what stirs the blood. That fire.



TC said...

I'm intrigued by the revoking of the invitation... I didn't know it worked that way :) So, no means no even in Vampire language? Interesting.

Ther said...

pia -> from what books portray, they are irresistable. ha ha

fledgling poet -> i like vampire stories as well and the classic Dracula from Bram Stoker is one of my favorite books

paisley -> thanks. this is the first time i write somethin like this.

gautami -> i guess it's a time-old fact that we always get intrigued by dangerous people

rose -> yup. couldn't agre more

tc -> ha ha. not sure actually if it does work. i just made that up. =)

thanks everyone for your feedback. it helps to keep me trying again and again. cheers!

Clare said...

This is fantastic! I loved the sensuality and the surprise of a vampire. Really well done!!

Paul said...

Nice take on the vampire theme.

alisonwonderland said...

i don't think i'd be able to resist a vampire ...

nice piece!

Bone said...

I don't think I could have resisted her, either :) Very nice story. I might have titled it something else so that you keep the surprise a bit more there at the end.

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