Monday, August 20, 2007


I was with him when his heart started to change. It was a regular day as any can be. We were just out looking around, passing time. Walking aimlessly, without a care in the world. Suddenly, he saw her. Inside one of the stores we frequently visit. I saw the longing looks he cast inside the window. There she was framed by the light, impossibly beautiful, fresh and full of color.

But my fear was not that strong. After all, we had a history together and a life like that cannot be thrown away so easily. I figured it’s just an infatuation, a passing fancy that will go away as fast as it came. So I disregarded the tinge of fear that passed through my thoughts. I was just being silly.

And then things became a bit suspicious between us. He would go out without me at times, leaving me behind wondering, fretting about the mystery.

It was only through my other friends that I learned that he’s working extra to earn more money, for what, I do not know. And so he worked day and night, like a madman trying to make a point. I tried to make him take me in his expeditions, but my begging falls on deaf ears.

One day I realized that something is wrong for he is traveling without me but I was brought along. He picked me up so carelessly as we make a journey to a foreign place. I would have enjoyed the scenery if I didn’t feel a bit of trepidation with this particular journey. I have an ominous feeling pressing down on me like something bad is about to happen.

Suddenly, the car stopped. He stared outside the window and did not make a move for a while. A sign of hesitation crossed over his face, like what he’s about to do leaves a bad taste in his mouth. And then the hesitation was gone as he determinedly picked me up and opened the door.

We’re in a field full of green grass and a vast nothingness. I would have liked it there if not for the bad feeling I have inside. He walked over to the middle and in my fear I belatedly realized that he got her with him now. The beautiful, fresh and colorful sneakers that we saw a few weeks back.

And then I felt a wrenching pain as he leaned over and he left me there, discarded and unwanted. Like the life we’ve had together matters not. Years of companionship and fun gone down the drain.

As the minutes turned to hours and hours turned to days, my hope of ever finding my way back home was crushed. So I stay here in the middle of nowhere, sharing the immense space with the grass that threaten to overwhelm me one day. I wish he would change his mind but I knew his heart already belongs to someone else. I would shed a tear if I can but I am only a shoe after all.

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Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

I loved this, that you did not reveal the sneakers as the narrator as sneakers until the ending. I also loved the last paragraph, the detail of hoping, for a while

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