Friday, August 10, 2007

Mind Your Language

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

I saw an episode of this TV series when I was in London. I liked it a lot and found it hilarious. I happen to saw a copy of the complete series at Gramaphone, available for rent, and decided to take it home to see if it is still as funny as it was before.

My housemates and me can’t stop laughing. This series is so wickedly funny that you'll burst out laughing several times in a minute.

The story revolves around a class of foreign students who were there to learn English. There were students from Pakistan, France, China, India, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain and Japan. Their English teacher, Mr. Brown, was newly hired by the school as the last language teacher jumped out from the window in frustration.

It is a very old TV series and in the current day where everyone tries to be politically correct, it might not be as accepted as other TV series might be. Some might find it crude as it exploits each country's generalities. Thus, as the politically correct might argue, will cause other people to generalize each nationality based on what they see in the TV series.

But I think it's perfect and should be taken lightly. There really is some part where the sensitive might get offended but at the time when the TV series was being aired, it was a big hit.

One of the students would usually say "Squeeze me" instead of "Excuse me" and has a habit of saying "Jolly good" as I often heard the English do.

Watch it if you are not too sensitive and not inclined to be politically correct. Who knows? You just might like it.

Mind your language

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