Sunday, August 19, 2007


The prompt for this week: Dear Diary

Today I continued with my exploration of Rome. I stepped into the Santa Maria del Popolo church, trying to adjust my eyes to the dark interior. The place was mostly lighted by candlelight and the stream of sun lighting the entrance.

I was busy exploring the chapels within the church, looking over the paintings that they hold. A man was seated in front of one of the chapel, busy listening to the music in his walkman. At first I didn’t mind him there but he suddenly looked up and I saw the most beautiful man I have ever seen. He went back to his music like nothing exceptional has happened. But my heart was captured and it thudded so fast while I try to act like nothing’s amiss.

Continuing my exploration, I tried to disregard the presence of the man who almost shocked my heart to stop. To be honest, I almost thought he was an angel, there to present me with a divine message. But Alas! He is a mere mortal although with a face that can be the envy of angels.

I seated myself strategically within the church that will allow me to see him unobserved. I don’t know what I wanted but I can’t seem to get myself off of the place and just satisfied myself with my constant glance to his direction.

Should I approach him and ask for directions? Allowing me to hear the voice behind the beautiful face. But I was a shy mouse then and would not have thought of doing something out of character.

After almost half an hour, I decided that I need to go. And with a heavy heart, I walked away outside, already missing him.

I tried to come back after visiting other locations in Rome. But he is no longer there. He is forever gone.


gautami tripathy said...

Such writings can give us to trvelogues.

Tammy said...

Welcome! Missed opportunities of life *sigh*

Rob Kistner said...

Nice read... thank you!

My unsolicited advice to you as you go forward in life -- never again pass up an opportunity to follow your "sense of wonder". It is our greatest gift as humans.

If you don't follow it, you will never learn where it might have lead, and you will forever regret letting the opportunity pass by.

Remember, you are always in control of your own situation, so no harm can come from being adventurous -- and no adventure can come from doing nothing... just a thought! ;)

strauss said...

Oh, I really feel for you after readign this post. How many times has my own shyness held meback for some fabulous chance meeting. I woudl have done teh exact same thing as you.

Fledgling Poet said...

I think we can all relate to that feeling of regret for not putting ourselves out there in the spontaneity of a magical moment...

Ther said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. I know, even with my less shy personality now, I don't know if I would have the courage to cross over and talk to him. But I did always wonder, "what if". Hopefully I don't let another chance encounter pass by again. =)

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