Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saving Gaia

Live Earth. Another one of those worldwide events that everyone tunes into not because they believe in the cause but because of the artists involved. Cynical as it may sound, it is a truth that we can’t deny.

I didn’t watch that event. Not because of lack of interest but because I didn’t want to see those people clamoring to the concert venue to have a chance to see their favorite artists perform. But what is the possible percentage of those people in the audience actually doing something to save earth? If you get 10 – 30% of them really doing something, then it’s well and good because they at least cared enough to act on it. But a lot of those other people will just continue on with their busy lives and not really care. Oblivious to the slow death of the world that we live in.

Okay. I think I am starting to sound like I’m preaching. And I am not angry or anything. I just thought that sometimes it’s all for show.

What CAN we do to actually make a difference? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Turn off power outlets when not in use
  2. Turn off your computer and/or two screens before leaving the office
  3. Do not leave the water running when washing dishes, brushing your teeth and taking your bath – I know I am guilty of this and I always have to consciously remind myself to do this every time
  4. Recycle those newspapers, bottles and plastics – don’t just throw them away
  5. Use your own bags when buying groceries or other items – I know I am guilty of not bringing my own bag and I end up using plastic bags. In my own defense, I use those plastic bags to hold thrash. But I really need to remember to bring those reusable bags.

I’m sure there are more ideas out there that can really make a difference if each one of us makes an effort to do it. It is our earth, our planet. So let’s do our part and we can probably still make a believer out of me yet.

Saving Gaia Pledge


ays said...

hi miss ther.
i watched the live earth concert on tv just to see what it's all about. and yes, i did feel that the people were there more for the performers than the real message.
but i do hope al gore and his buddies got the message did get to me.
i'm one of them bad people who pollute the earth with my bad habit, but i AM making efforts to stop it(i say effort, because it's real hard to do). and i do hope that everyone will take steps to help out.

Ther said...

Good to know that. Let's hope others make an effort as well. Not just for this week or this month but for a long time. =)

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