Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Forget Me Not!

A few people from the office are leaving and goodbye cards are going around the different teams. I was looking at one of the cards and realized that most of the messages are the same. And I think it's sad that a person is leaving and people don't have anything personal to say and resort to a generic message. I was telling a colleague that I don't like that. I told him that when I go, I hope that people will write in my card and say, "I hate you and I'm glad you're leaving". I think it's more personal, more thought of, more connected than "Goodluck and all the best!".

It is also hard to imagine that people will just write in the card without even thinking or looking. Someone started writing "Happy" only to realize that it was a goodbye card. Mwe he he he he. It was so funny. A pity that this person who is leaving did not even left a mark for people to take a few minutes and think of something personal to say.

But I think it is also their fault that they are not well known in a team that tries to make everyone feel welcome, a team who promotes close working relationship.

In a few weeks, they will be forgotten, a distant memory that we'll find hard to recall a month or two down the line.

Maybe people will remember but they most probably won’t. In the end, we’re all forgettable. It’s really up to us to make our stay worthwhile and remarkable so that maybe, just maybe, people will remember.

If you think about it, it is similar to life. A person's memory is only as good as how well you lived your life and how many lives you've touched. Some people cruise along without making a splash, not even a small drop to make a ripple. And when they go, it's like they never existed. It's disheartening to know that someday you will be forgotten and that no one will miss you when you go. Let's just hope that I pissed a lot of people enough that they will at least snort or laugh when they remember me. =)

Forget me not!

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Apols said...

Hahaha, i thought i was the only one who always noticed what people wrote in goodbye cards. I always made an effort to say something personal....

But not to the point of saying 'youre annoying' etc.

well i wish i did at times :P


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