Friday, June 29, 2007

The Doctor Is In The House

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

As a fan of Grey’s Anatomy, I never bothered to watch the TV series House because I thought it was not interesting enough. I summarily disregarded it even though I’ve never watched a single episode.

After all of my TV series have been exhausted, I was left with three seasons of House to watch and I figured “might as well”. And boy, did I love it!

Dr. Gregory House is the head of the Department of Diagnostics Medicine. He’s got an acidic tongue that does not necessarily endear him to anyone. He abhors meeting his patients and will only meet with them when it is extremely necessary. Or when the patient is a beautiful model.

House solves medical problems that others cannot. He thinks of the most unconnected reason for a medical problem and still manages to be right in the end.

He has three other doctors working for him: Foreman, Cameron and Chase. All brilliant doctors whose collective thoughts help to identify solutions to House’s puzzle cases.

The other two main characters, Wilson and Cuddy, are House’s best friend and boss, respectively.

For a TV series, it is as addictive as it can be. I love all of the characters, each with their own quirky personality.

Learn more about House in here.


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