Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Everybody Nose About It

I ride the MRT daily. I usually take it from the Dover station because the door opens on the other side of the train (so this would be on the back side) and there's always someone alighting in Dover as it's linked to the Singapore Polytechnic University.

But I'm not so lucky these days. The past two days, I've had olfactory experiences that no one should ever be subjected to.

On Monday, I had to hold my breath every time the train stops and starts. A very bad smell keeps on permeating our side of the train as soon as the train starts to move to the next station. So I had to hold my breath several times from Dover to Raffles Place station. I tried to look for the culprit but there were too many possibilities. I was also a bit busy from avoiding that very bad smell every time the train moves. I was so worried that the smell will stay with me after I leave the train but I was lucky as the smell did not stick. Whew!

On Tuesday, I had to cover my nose several times again because someone keeps on farting. What the !?!? Just so the guilty person knows that someone is affected, I always cover my nose and mouth every time the smell permeates the air. What is wrong with these people? The smell was so nasty you would wonder why a toilet is not chasing the person who emits this bad smell.

Everyday is an adventure and it all starts as soon as I step inside the doors of the MRT train. I wonder what the next days have in store for me....

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