Saturday, March 24, 2007

Ugly Betty

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. An adage that does not really apply in this new show. America is Ugly Betty, an ordinary girl from Queens that plunged into the crazy, hectic, beauty-conscious world of high fashion. She's no fashionista, that's for sure. But she is intelligent and manages to make her presence noticed by everyone. Well, with that bright red poncho and the colorful array of clothes she wears everyday, I think there is no choice but to notice her.

I've heard of the show on TV, of how it was nominated for an award or something. But I tend to be skeptic about shows that are nominated for awards. I fear I am sometimes disappointed. So I watched the pilot episode without any expectations. I figured if I don't like it I could always stop watching.

But I was hooked and I can't seem to stop watching. I love this show! The characters are so hilarious that you can't help but love all of them. Well, maybe except for Walter. =)

Ugly is in. Watch the TV series and find out if you'll agree.

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