Friday, January 26, 2007

Something's Gotta Give

You see this guy here? That's how I feel these days. I am constantly overwhelmed and always feel like I am not finishing anything no matter how much time I put up at the office. I can just imagine how my team feel. We have to finish so many things but our time is limited. Sometimes I wish I have a magical wand and get everything done with a swish of my hand. That would be fun.

I need to plan things better I think but with the number of things I'm handling, I think I should get a copy of me and get that double to do the other stuff I'm supposed to be doing. Oh wait! Yeah, I do have a double, my twin sister. But that doesn't work. We're both in IT but from two different platforms so I don't think it'll work. *sigh*

I need to have a break. I've seen glimpses of the dragon waking up every now and then and breathing fire on innocent people these days. I think the stress is starting to get to me.

There must be some time for me to breathe. I need to do something other than work or I'll feel boxed in.

Fairy Godmother, I need help! SOS.

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