Sunday, January 21, 2007

Shopping Discomfort

Walking out of the store with my purchases in tow I was almost out of the door when I heard it. It’s the loud siren of the anti-theft machine whining away shrilly. I see people stealing glances at me trying to make sense of the loud racket.

And that irritates me. The security guard, although she has just seen me paying for my purchases, insists on checking out the bag I am carrying. I was not happy but I reluctantly give in. It is irritating because it seems the cashier didn’t know where the security tags are hidden and so customers are subjected to similar embarrassing searches.

A similar thing happened to me at M1 in Greenbelt when I bought several CDs and DVDs. As I was going around the area at the time, I passed by PowerBooks and I heard the same anti-theft machine whining on my way in. The lady guard told us to pass through but on the way out, we were again subjected to a search. I understand that they are doing their job but it is still irritating.

You would think that in the unlikely event that I might find myself stealing, I would be smart enough to know where to look for the anti-theft tags and ensure that I don’t get caught. Now, now, don’t worry friends. I am not planning on stealing anything anytime soon. I’m just irked that some people don’t do their job properly and put paying customers to such embarrassing episodes.

Although, it is something you can also use to your advantage isn’t it? Befriend the person you hate, bring him/her to a department store and put something inside his/her bag without their knowing and wait until they exit. Then adamantly deny any connection with the person and let them rot in there. Now, that’s what I call sweet vengeance. Of course, you hope and pray that she/he doesn’t do the same thing to you and find yourself in the same dilemma. So it’s probably not a good idea.

Anyway, it’s not like we have a choice in the matter. Just imagine how silly and guilty you’ll look if you try to make a dash for it when the guard asks for your bags to be examined. So I guess there’s really no way around it except to grin and bear with the discomfort of the search. Either that or totally boycott the idea of shopping. Being searched is definitely uncomfortable and embarassing but I don't think I am ready yet to give up on shopping totally. So here's just hoping that I don't hear those anti-theft machine anytime soon.

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