Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Asia Kitchen - Service Disoriented

Last Friday night, a few of my colleagues/friends and I went to The Asia Kitchen at Republic Plaza to try to get a quick bite. My team were in a cramming mode trying to finish as much as we can before the end of the day. Little Lulu and I annouced that we don't want to stay too long as we are in a hurry, we're busy. So, all seven of us ordered and waited. And waited and waited. For some time we forgot the time as we were busy having a chat. But we realized after more than 30 minutes that nothing's happening. So we followed up several times. After another 10 more minutes, a guy from the restaurant then told us that he's sorry but there's no more rice available. What the!?!?

We were of course all outraged! These crazy people let us wait for a very long time and told us belatedly that they cannot provide us the service they advertised. Aaaaargh! I hate that restaurant. They need to go back to Customer Service school and learn how to serve properly.

We barely managed to get our orders in at The Soup Spoon as they were just about to close. Darn those people at The Asia Kitchen. This is one of those times when sorry is really just not enough.

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