Sunday, January 14, 2007

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One of the things I want to accomplish for 2007 is to surpass the number of things I've done differently from the past year. (see 2006 Year Ender). And I figured that if I do one new thing every month, I would surely get to 12 new things by end of this year and accomplish it easily. So here I am doing my first change for the year: I've moved to blogspot.

I've always thought that blogspot sites gives the blogger a better sense of their personality because they can change the design any way they want. I don't believe friendster allows that (or maybe i just don't know how, he, he, he). So I've been thinking for a few months now of moving but never took the jump. Until of course I saw Joy planning on doing the same. I figured I'd do the jump with her.

So here's to my new blogspot and to Joy's return to her old one. My list for 2007 has just started. =)

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